Melbourne Bike Share App: Short Review

The Melbourne Bike Share app is a one-tap bike-sharing app that allows you to find the closest Melbourne bike share docking station to you and how many available bikes it currently has.

Melbourne bike share has 51 docking stations with 600 bikes that can be rented around the city centre and some favoured destinations around the city.

The aim for Melbourne bike share is to give out a transport alternative for short trips, allowing commuters to get to where they need to be in a short amount of time, tourists to get from destination to destination with ease, and for anyone who wants to see Melbourne from a different perspective.

Where Are The Docking Stations Located?

Melbourne bike share’s 51 docking stations are mostly located in and around the city centre, Melbourne university and around certain tourist destinations and nearby locations.

However, there are currently plans to expand the network to the city suburbs such as Collingwood, Richmond, Abbotsford, and Fitzroy.

How Do I Find These Docking Stations?

You can download the Melbourne bike-sharing app on any smartphone and use it to find the nearest docking station to you.

It will show you any free docks that are available around you as well as any free bikes that are available on those docking stations.

Advantages Of The Melbourne Bike Share App

Melbourne Bike Share App: Short Review

There are many advantages that come with using the Melbourne bike share, the first is the locations of the docking stations.

If you are in and around the city centre and want to get to another location in and around the city centre, then it is very likely that you’ll be able to find two docking stations near your locations.

Another advantage is that using a bike to get around Melbourne city centre will be way less time-consuming than walking and will cost way less than using public transport or a taxi that can cost quite a lot if in rush hour.

You don’t have to worry about securing your own bike at your destination, you can just drop the bike off in a docking station and pick another one back up again when you want to go to another location.

Using a bike is also way more healthy than taking a taxi or public transport to your destination.

Disadvantages Of The Melbourne Bike Share App

The biggest disadvantage currently of using any Melbourne bike share app is the mandatory helmet requirement that Australia enforces.

However, there are some ways that Melbourne bike share is tackling this issue.

For example, there is a helmet sharing initiative going on, where you keep a helmet on every bike that is docked in the Melbourne bike share, meaning that you don’t have to bring your own helmet or source a helmet when you’d like to share a bike.

If you don’t like the thought of wearing a helmet that has been used by someone else you can buy your own from a 7-Eleven for just $5.

However, we do ask that you keep the original helmet on the bike in question.

Final Thoughts

The Melbourne Bike Share app is a great way to quickly get around the Melbourne city centre without having to rely on public transport, pay a lot of money for a taxi, or have to spend your time walking.

However, you will have to comply with the mandatory helmet enforcement, but if you don’t mind wearing a shared helmet, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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