The 6 Best Bike Trails In Melbourne

Melbourne is a mostly flat city, making it ideal for biking. There are plenty of trails for cyclists, whether you are a local or a tourist you want to try these routes!

These trails cover beaches, rivers, and even mountains. Here we look at the 6 best bike trails in Melbourne suitable for a range of fitness levels.

Cycling around this great city is a fantastic way of getting around to see all of the incredible views and historical sites that Melbourne has to offer.

There are bike rental shops scattered across the city so whichever bike trail you decide to try you won’t be left stuck as there will be a rental spot nearby to help get you ready for your adventure on wheels.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Total Distance: 23 km one way

You can find beautiful beach-side bike trails all over Melbourne, it’s not just limited to the south.

It’s an easy bike ride through beautiful scenery that showcases some of Melbourne’s western coastline’s natural beauty.

You could start at ScienceWorks under the West Gate Bridge and head northwards until reaching Williamstown, then turn eastward into Alton before heading south again to reach Skeleton Creek.

Along the route there are some interesting sights to see including Cherry Lake, which has beautiful views; and the Williamston Botanic Gardens, where you can take time out from cycling.

St Kilda Beach To Half Moon Bay

Level of difficulty: Easy
Total distance: 13km one way

We often forget just how close we are to the Bass Strait when we’re stuck inside the business district of the city.

Take a breath of the fresh ocean air on your bike following this bike trail that starts at St Kilda Beach and follows the coastline east around the bay.

Snap some Instagram-worthy shots along this trail as there are no big hills to worry about along the way. Just smooth roads and stunning views.

Main Yarra Trail

The 6 Best Bike Trails In Melbourne

Level of difficulty: Easy-Medium
Total distance: 22km one way

If you start in Eltham, this bike path is an enjoyable ride through Melbourne’s suburbs toward Fairfield.

It flows alongside the Yarra River. It’s pretty flat for most of its length, but there are lots of tree-lined corridors to cycle down.

As you get closer to the city the trail becomes sealed, there are several museums worth visiting including the Heide Museum of Modern Art and the colonial-era Fairfield Boathouse where they serve delicious scones.

Capital City Trail

Level of difficulty: Easy-Medium
Total Distance: 29km loop

Cycling through this central loop has always been one of the most popular options for cycling enthusiasts in Melbourne.

It consists mainly of sections of other trails, including the Merri Creek, Yarra Trail, Mooneyes Pond Creek Trail, and the Inner Circle Railway Trail.

Following this trail, you are sure to pass by some notable local sights such as Southbank Melbourne Zoo and the Royal Botanical Garden.

Jump off wherever you please and take in all that Melbourne has to offer.

Lydale To Warburton Rail Trail

Level of difficulty: Medium
Total distance: 40km one way

This historic trail is great for anyone looking to spend time out of the city and in the deep of the bush.

Join the path of the old railway line behind Lilydale Railway Station which will lead you along a stunning route through scenic bushland, farmland, and some popular wineries.

This route is extremely well maintained but beware of the hordes of hikers and horseback riders who come here during the summer months or on days when the weather is good.

If 40km seems too far for you why not make a weekend out of this trail.

Stay overnight in Warburton before heading back to civilization the next morning.

Merri Creek Trail

Level of difficulty: Medium
Total Distance: 21km One Way

This trail can be difficult to find but it is worth the search! Start at Dights Falls and follow the winding route across the city to the Western Ring Road.

This biking trail follows Merri Creek, its namesake, stretches through Brunswick, and continues past the CERES Environmental Park.

This ride is slightly more difficult than other trails mentioned on this list but only due to a couple of steep stretches that most people won’t struggle with.

Top Tips For Cycling In Melbourne

Here are some useful tips to consider if you are planning to spend the day visiting the sights on your own pair of wheels:

Bring Water

The weather in Melbourne is usually quite hot so it is always worthwhile carrying around at least one liter of water if you are planning on heading out on your bike.

Depending on your route consider bringing light snacks in case you are heading out to the bush where food spots may not be so available.

Wear Sunscreen

SPF is essential when cycling in Melbourne. Not only are you at risk of sunburn, but due to Melbourne’s location, there is also the possibility of getting windburnt.

A peaked hat and pair of polarized sunglasses are also useful ways of protecting yourself from the strong glare of the sun and the cool breezes along the coast.

Stay Alert

Melbourne is a booming city, full of local residents trying to get about their regular day and tourists trying to squeeze in as much as possible during their time in the big city.

Bicycles aren’t heard like cars would be so you must make yourself known by ringing a bell or letting out a shout if you think someone is going to walk out in front of you or cut you off.

This way you can keep both yourself and others safe

Shop Around

Bike rental shops are fighting for your business so it is always worth shopping around to get a good deal.

Check the bike fits correctly before leaving the shop and also take pictures of the bike to ensure you get your full deposit back.

If you are planning on getting off your bike it is also worth asking for a lock from the rental shop which may cost a couple of dollars more but it is worthwhile keeping your bike safe in such a busy city.

Final Thoughts

Whatever bike trail you decide to take we are sure that you will have a blast!

Stay safe and enjoy the views to make the best of your cycling adventure.

If you are cycling alone let someone know where you are heading but we recommend heading out with a friend or with your family to have a great day with great company.

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