About Us

In Australia, biking is often the preferred mode of transport. Whether you’re popping into town, exploring the neighborhood, or seeing the sights, taking a bike with you is a must. 

Hi, my name is Cynthia Reeves, and this is why we decided to create Melbourne Bike Share. We wanted to make sure that every visitor to our grand city had the opportunity to explore it all on wheels. 

There is way too much to see by taking it all on foot, and the confines of a car means that you miss important details. So, biking is the best option. 

A few years ago, we met some friends from the United States who were travelling in Australia for the first time. They were only in Melbourne for a few days and asked us what the best sights were to see. Our answer? All of them. 

Unfortunately, hiring a few bikes for them to use around the city proved to be way more difficult than it needed to be. And thus Melbourne Bike Share was born. 

So, that’s enough about us. Use our website to find the most convenient place for you to hire a bike in Melbourne so that you can spend less time travelling and more time exploring. What are you waiting for? Enjoy this marvelous city!